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Bidet Tissue Cap (48s) x 10 Packs

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10 x Bidet Tissue Cap (48s)

New Bebesup Bidet Tissue for family!

A safe (dermatologically tested) and flushable wet wipes with smooth touching feel. Bebesup Bidet Tissue went through and passed EDANA/INDA toilet water flush fit test. What is EDANA / INDA test? These are the test to check whether the flushable wipes are fit for toilet flushing process. Bebesup Bidet Tissue passed the European and US international guidelines of EDANA / INDA. This includes Toilet pipe drain test (Evaluate the flow through toilet and drain pipe),  Slosh Box test (Degradation of wipes through mechanical movement), Household Pump test (Evaluate clogging or accumulation of sewage discharge), Sewage Treatment test (Asses suitability of sewage treatment system), Aerobic/Anaerobic test (Assess biodegradable property in the presence or absence of micro-organisms) and Precipitation test (Septic tank, wastewater treatment plant to evaluate accumulation in the sewage pipe).

It is disassembled in nature with flushable fabric containing natural pulp, safe for direct flush through toilet. Please use 1-2 sheets per flush. It is hypoallergenic and went through skin irritation test from Skin Med. It contains natural sprout extract to protect your skin (Raw material characteristic). It contains no Paraben, no Phenoxyethanol, no Methylisothiazolinone, no alcohol and no fragrance.

It comes with 48 sheets of 65gsm smooth and premium plain surface flushable fabric. 200x150(+/-5)mm.