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Calling BeBeSup Sheer Gold Lover!

BeBeSup Sheer Gold Sales On Lazada

Lazada Singapore is having a great sales on BeBeSup Sheer Gold Cap Box. 

 - 10 x Sheer Gold Cap (60 sheets)

The sales is only valid until 11 Oct 2015 on limited quantity. Don't miss it !

BeBeSup Sheer Gold Cap is BeBeSup's premium and biodegradable wipes that's made with 100 percent premium rayon fabric that hold extra moisture for soft and moist feeling. We always listen to our customers to provide and emphasize safety. Therefore, our Baby Skin Lab worked together with 500 female consumers to create BeBeSup Sheer Gold Baby Wipes. Experience BeBeSup Sheer Gold Baby Wipes that care for nature, care for your baby and everyone. Safe for hand and face, safe for newborn and sensitive skin.

Gold Food formula (Gold Honey, Gold Kiwi and Gold Caviar) extracts with skin nutrition, elastic and skin reform properties. Comes with 60 sheets per pack, 200x180(+/-5mm), 75gsm per sheet, soft, thick and embossed surface.

From BeBeSup Singapore

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