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BumBum Cream

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1 x BumBum Cream, 100ml (3.38oz)

Caring for a baby's sensitive bottom in advance!

Everyday, Bebesup BumBum Cream.

What is Bebesup BumBum Cream?

A skin trouble solution for a baby's irritated bottom, produced in conjunction with big data collected at the Bebesup call center. Care for your baby's bottom in advance, before it becomes more sensitive due to diapers, with BumBum Cream!

◎Soothing - Soothe the skin damaged by external irritation

Dual Moisturizing - Keep both the surface and inside of your baby's skin moisturized.

Itching Relief - Relieve the itchiness caused by dried skin.

✓Dermatologically tested

✓Natural origin! Naturally derived ingredients

✓Made in Korea