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Bebesup Gift Box

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All of Bebesup's best and safe wipes in one place! 

Send your wishes and love to a safer start of a great journey! 

Bebesup Gift Box includes:

1 x Zero Cap, 80 sheets/pack 

1 x Zero Travel, 20 sheets/pack

1 x Soft Cap, 70 sheets/pack

1 x Soft Travel Cap, 20 sheets/pack

1 x Sensitive Cap, 80 sheets/pack

2 x Sensitive Slim Cap, 30 sheets/pack

1 x Sensitive Travel Cap, 20 sheets/pack 

1 x Signature Cap, 70 sheets/pack

2 x Signature Slim Cap, 30 sheets/pack

2 x Nature Gold Cap, 60 sheets/pack

1 x Nature Gold Travel Cap, 20 sheets/pack

Global Intertek certified less irritant than water!

All Bebesup wipes are manufactured safely by Bebesup factory and undergo constant safety testing by external testing organisations.