Bebesup SAFE-B Edition

2017 Bebesup SAFE-B Edition is released. The message we would like to deliver to support the early-born babies is for them to grow up healthily like bright shining stars. Thank you for supporting us in this meaningful yearly event. Bebesup Korea is sending the profit selling special SAFE-B EDITION wipes to support premature babies in Seoul National University's Children's Hospital. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to show your love and support to the early bird with Bebesup!

Premier Cap is embossing-texture wet wipes of 70 gsm made by our baby skin research institute for customers preferring relatively thick wet wipes. PREMIER with excellent water absorption power and soft feel was produced for your baby, the most precious in the world. Now experience the BEBESUP product winning the grand prize of the most prestigious brand selected by women consumers.

Leaf food formula (Laurel, Cabbage and Green Tea) extracts. Comes with 70 sheets per pack, 200x180(+/-5mm), 70gsm per sheet, thick and wet with premium embossing surface.

2017 Bebesup SAFE-B Edition

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